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Samhain – The origins of Halloween

Samhain in Ireland marks the end of the brighter half of the year, known as Beltane, and the beginning of the darker half of the year on the Celtic new year calendar. After Halloween celebrations, ancient Irish people celebrated a feast for the dead-Samhain, which is pronounced sow-en, usually translated

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All you need to know about Traveling to Italy

Travel to Italy and explore its rich art heritage, vibrant culture, and delectable national cuisine. Italian cuisine is respected around the world, and if you travel around Italy, you will discover each region has their own delicate Italian cooking styles. From the canals of Venice to the hills of Tuscany,

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Top 10 Reasons to Travel Italy during Shoulder Season

Traveling to Italy during the off-season is not only a cheap alternative, but it’s a good way to avoid sweltering summer temperatures. If you want to experience all Italy has to offer, but are not a fan of the crowds, the best time to travel to Italy is in the

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The truth behind Air BnB’s

Are you in the planning stages of booking a trip to one of Juniper Tour’s exquisite destinations? Have you considered the types of accommodations you prefer while traveling? Do you think the cheapest, convenient, and safest option would be to rent an Airbnb or similar homestyle accommodation such as Homeaway?

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The History of the Notre Dame and Navy Rivalry

Not many people know that the Notre Dame and Navy football rivalry has lasted many years and is considered a sacred tradition for historical reasons.  These two schools were a part of this popular American sport from the beginning.  

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