Top Things to do in Rome when you Travel to Italy

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Top Things to do in Rome when you Travel to Italy One of the cities you must visit in Italy is Rome. Rome is the national capital of Italy and the oldest inhabited city in Europe. Here is our list of top things to do in Rome when you Travel to Italy. Top Things to […]

Tips and Tricks for the Best Greece Vacation

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Greece is a beautiful place to travel. You may be asking yourself: “how can I travel Greece between the islands and what is the best way to do so?” Let’s explore the tips and trick for the best Greece vacation together. This way you can hit as many islands as possible during your trip. Using […]

Famous Greek Holidays: 3 Celebrations

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Every country has important holidays which are celebrated nationwide, let’s learn about the famous Greek holidays and how they are celebrated. There are three major holidays that are celebrated in Greece including Easter, Saints day of the virgin Mary, Ochi day, and of course independence day.

6 Helpful Tips of Traveling Italy

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Italy is amazing and one of the top visited countries in Europe, let alone the world! Although it is such a highly visited location there are still a few things you need to remember before making your way over. Knowing these things will make your trip much more enjoyable.  Helpful Tips of Traveling Italy: Explore […]

6 Ultimate United Kingdom Bucket List Items

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Have you always wanted to make a bucket list, but don’t know where to start? Me too, but don’t worry I have created the perfect United Kingdom bucket list for your trip. I always say why have one bucket list for the entire world, when you can have different ones for every region of the […]

10 Best Tips to Know when Visiting Scotland

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Skip the Umbrella  Pack a good raincoat instead!  If you are visiting Scotland, you will stand out like a tourist if you are walking around with an umbrella, locals do not use an umbrella they stick with wearing raincoats. Scotland has some very strong winds, so the rain is going in every other direction and […]

Fun Reasons to Celebrate St Patrick Day in Ireland

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What sounds better than celebrating St.Patrick’s day in Ireland? St. Patrick’s day is a national holiday in Ireland and Northern Ireland, let’s check out how they celebrate the holiday.  Celebrating St Patrick’s Day in Ireland The largest celebration of St Patrick’s Day in Ireland is in Dublin where hundreds of people gather to watch parades, […]

Southern Spain: 4 Beautiful, Lesser Known Villages

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The Lesser-Known Yet Beautiful Villages of Southern Spain! When traveling through Spain you are provided an unforgettable opportunity to soak in the beautiful scenery, eat delicious national dishes, and experience festivals that are known all over the world. But there is one particular part of Spain known for its incredible beauty, Andalucía, a region in […]

Top 7 villages in the south of France

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 Top 7  Villages in the South of France.   When thinking of visiting France, images of strolling through the romantic city of Paris and clinking champagne glasses atop the world-famous Eiffel Tower probably come to mind. Perhaps sitting at a French cafe and enjoying flaky, buttery pastry while sipping cafe au lait is also on […]

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