A Culinary Paradise: a Brief Intro to French Food

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  French Food Volumes could be (and have been) written discussing the sensation known as French food. Even “cuisine” is a French word! In the culinary world, traditional French food is regarded as the gold standard of any kitchen. Nowadays, it’s not only about traditional recipes. France has also established itself as a center for […]

The Wonderful World of Spanish Wine

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The Best Spanish Wine: Cava Cava iThe Best Spanish Wine. Learn more about the wonderful world of Spanish wines  Similar to champagne, cava goes through a second fermentation process that gives it it’s bubbles. It makes an excellent and affordable celebratory beverage. The Best Spanish Wine: Most of the vineyards that produce cava wines are located […]

An Intro to Amazing Greek Food

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Greek Food When visiting a destination that’s as packed with sightseeing options and activities as Greece is, it’s important to keep your strength up. Fortunately for everyone visiting, Greek food is some of the finest in Europe. From the freshest seafood to the finest pastries to some of the best coffee creations, you’re sure to […]

An Intro to Sensational Portuguese Cuisine

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Portuguese cuisine The more you learn about Portuguese cuisine, the more you love and appreciate this aspect of Portuguese culture. Traditional recipes are flavorful and filling, great! Little mom-and-pop run restaurants and cafes are on every corner, wonderful! Food in Portugal is relatively inexpensive, and is served in hearty portions, yes, please! At its core, […]

An Intro to Extraordinary Spanish Cuisine

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An Intro to Extraordinary Spanish Cuisine Spanish Cuisine traditions are so much more than paella and sangria! (Although there’s plenty of that to be found, especially in Valencia.). Here, we will introduce some iconic elements of Spanish cuisine that you can find when visiting Spain. Spanish Cuisine Tapas While the exact origin story is up for […]

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