Tips and Tricks for the Best Greece Vacation

Greece is a beautiful place to travel. You may be asking yourself: “how can I travel Greece between the islands and what is the best way to do so?” Let’s explore the tips and trick for the best Greece vacation together. This way you can hit as many islands as possible during your trip. Using […]

Famous Greek Holidays: 3 Celebrations

Every country has important holidays which are celebrated nationwide, let’s learn about the famous Greek holidays and how they are celebrated. There are three major holidays that are celebrated in Greece including Easter, Saints day of the virgin Mary, Ochi day, and of course independence day. 1. Greek Easter Easter is a national religious holiday, […]

How to visit Greece on a Budget


If you’re looking to travel, budgeting is a very important aspect. Especially because if you spend less on one trip that means you have more money to put into the next adventure! When to visit? Visit Greece on a Budget: Greece is a huge summer destination because of the water and multitude of islands, but […]

Greece: 7 Incredible Travel Worthy Festivals

Travel Worthy Festivals in Greece; Each year, thousands of travelers make their way to the beautiful country of Greece to take part in some of their amazing festivals that take place all over this culture-rich land. These festivals can be a mix of fun, historic, religious, musical, and of course, food-based. There are so many […]

Guide to the 6 Gorgeous Ionian Islands

The six main Ionian islands of Greece are as picturesque as one can imagine. Soothing turquoise waters meet white sandy beaches, surrounded by rocky cliffs and lush green mountains. The charming, colorful buildings and homes inland are unspoiled from time. Ionian islands Keep reading to learn more about this magical archipelago.   Corfu Corfu is […]

An Intro to Amazing Greek Food

Greek Food When visiting a destination that’s as packed with sightseeing options and activities as Greece is, it’s important to keep your strength up. Fortunately for everyone visiting, Greek food is some of the finest in Europe. From the freshest seafood to the finest pastries to some of the best coffee creations, you’re sure to […]