Samhain – The origins of Halloween

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Samhain in Ireland marks the end of the brighter half of the year, known as Beltane, and the beginning of the darker half of the year on the Celtic new year calendar. After Halloween celebrations, ancient Irish people celebrated a feast for the dead-Samhain, which is pronounced sow-en, usually translated to mean summers end. Halloween evolved out of ancient Samhain festivities in Ireland, where changes of season and the dead were celebrated. Marking the end of summers harvest and beginning of winter, the festival of Samhain is held every year.

The History of the Notre Dame and Navy Rivalry

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Not many people know that the Notre Dame and Navy football rivalry has lasted many years and is considered a sacred tradition for historical reasons.  These two schools were a part of this popular American sport from the beginning.  

Where to Be-Gin?

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Although Ireland is known for its Guinness and whiskey, gin has been produced there for centuries, dating back to 1793 when Cork’s dry gin was first launched.  These days, there is a plethora of new brands and gin distilleries on the market. 

Meeting at Meitheal

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Meitheal is Ireland’s largest business-to-business international trade fair. Juniper Tours has the honor to have participated in this year’s trade fair.

Ireland Pub Culture History

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Ireland Pub Culture History Known to its citizens as ‘the local’, Irish pubs have become well-known for their fun, relaxed, welcoming environment. But, that did not come to be by accident. The origin of Ireland’s pub culture dates as far back as the sixth century with Brehon Law. The ancient law required local pub owners […]

Benefits Self Drive Tour of Ireland

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Benefits of a Self Drive Tour of Ireland   Considering a trip to Ireland? When you plan a trip to Ireland it quickly becomes obvious there are several travel styles available. It’s a challenge to decide which way is best for you.  No matter what your previous international travel experiences may be, we believe that […]

Fun Reasons to Celebrate St Patrick Day in Ireland

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What sounds better than celebrating St.Patrick’s day in Ireland? St. Patrick’s day is a national holiday in Ireland and Northern Ireland, let’s check out how they celebrate the holiday.  Celebrating St Patrick’s Day in Ireland The largest celebration of St Patrick’s Day in Ireland is in Dublin where hundreds of people gather to watch parades, […]