How to have an amazing trip to Madrid for the first time

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Once you’ve picked a location for your next vacation the next thing you need to determine is when you are planning to travel. A trip to Madrid may just be perfect! Madrid is beautiful all year round, there is never a time that you would not be able to enjoy yourself, but there are times […]

Southern Spain: 4 Beautiful, Lesser Known Villages

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The Lesser-Known Yet Beautiful Villages of Southern Spain! When traveling through Spain you are provided an unforgettable opportunity to soak in the beautiful scenery, eat delicious national dishes, and experience festivals that are known all over the world. But there is one particular part of Spain known for its incredible beauty, Andalucía, a region in […]

An Intro to Extraordinary Spanish Cuisine

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An Intro to Extraordinary Spanish Cuisine Spanish Cuisine traditions are so much more than paella and sangria! (Although there’s plenty of that to be found, especially in Valencia.). Here, we will introduce some iconic elements of Spanish cuisine that you can find when visiting Spain. Spanish Cuisine Tapas While the exact origin story is up for […]