Famous Greek Holidays: 3 Celebrations

Every country has important holidays which are celebrated nationwide, let’s learn about the famous Greek holidays and how they are celebrated. There are three major holidays that are celebrated in Greece including Easter, Saints day of the virgin Mary, Ochi day, and of course independence day. 1. Greek Easter Easter is a national religious holiday, […]

6 Helpful Tips of Traveling Italy

Italy is amazing and one of the top visited countries in Europe, let alone the world! Although it is such a highly visited location there are still a few things you need to remember before making your way over. Knowing these things will make your trip much more enjoyable.  Helpful Tips of Traveling Italy: Explore […]

6 Ultimate United Kingdom Bucket List Items

Have you always wanted to make a bucket list, but don’t know where to start? Me too, but don’t worry I have created the perfect United Kingdom bucket list for your trip. I always say why have one bucket list for the entire world, when you can have different ones for every region of the […]

10 Best Castles to Explore in Scotland

Have you ever imagined what it would be like to live in a castle? There are numerous castles to explore in Scotland. Visit this amazing country to see some of the most magnificent castles in the world. There is an estimate that Scotland has been the home to almost 3,000 castles, many still there today. […]

Fun Reasons to Celebrate St Patrick Day in Ireland

What sounds better than celebrating St.Patrick’s day in Ireland? St. Patrick’s day is a national holiday in Ireland and Northern Ireland, let’s check out how they celebrate the holiday.  Celebrating St Patrick’s Day in Ireland The largest celebration of St Patrick’s Day in Ireland is in Dublin where hundreds of people gather to watch parades, […]

How to have an amazing trip to Madrid for the first time

Once you’ve picked a location for your next vacation the next thing you need to determine is when you are planning to travel. A trip to Madrid may just be perfect! Madrid is beautiful all year round, there is never a time that you would not be able to enjoy yourself, but there are times […]

A Culinary Paradise: a Brief Intro to French Food

Intro to French Food

  French Food Volumes could be (and have been) written discussing the sensation known as French food. Even “cuisine” is a French word! In the culinary world, traditional French food is regarded as the gold standard of any kitchen. Nowadays, it’s not only about traditional recipes. France has also established itself as a center for […]

The Wonderful World of Spanish Wine

The Best Spanish Wine: Cava Cava iThe Best Spanish Wine. Learn more about the wonderful world of Spanish wines  Similar to champagne, cava goes through a second fermentation process that gives it it’s bubbles. It makes an excellent and affordable celebratory beverage. The Best Spanish Wine: Most of the vineyards that produce cava wines are located […]

An Intro to Amazing Greek Food

Greek Food When visiting a destination that’s as packed with sightseeing options and activities as Greece is, it’s important to keep your strength up. Fortunately for everyone visiting, Greek food is some of the finest in Europe. From the freshest seafood to the finest pastries to some of the best coffee creations, you’re sure to […]

An Intro to Sensational Portuguese Cuisine

Portuguese cuisine The more you learn about Portuguese cuisine, the more you love and appreciate this aspect of Portuguese culture. Traditional recipes are flavorful and filling, great! Little mom-and-pop run restaurants and cafes are on every corner, wonderful! Food in Portugal is relatively inexpensive, and is served in hearty portions, yes, please! At its core, […]