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Why Greece?

From delectable culinary delights, to countless ancient ruins filled with myths and legends, to white cliffs that plunge into crystal-clear, jewel-toned waters:  Greece is a siren’s song in physical form.

get ready to be spellbound. Greece Tour Packages  now available

Greece Tour Packages 

Take the guesswork out of traveling to Greece.  whether you are celebrating an anniversary, checking off an item on your bucket list, or planning your honeymoon, we want to ensure your visit to Greece is perfect.  

We can assist you with determining the best way for you to experience Greece, including hand selected accommodations, private day tours and activities, comfortable and efficient transportation, and additional sightseeing recommendations.

What can you expect when booking with Juniper tours?

athens greecepuk patrick EvMearrxas4 unsplash scale

Athens City Stay

Explore the Ancient Wonders of Athens

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One Week on Crete

Learn the Secrets of Crete

corfu greece mikulas prokop EsA8y9JpzpE unsplash scale

One Week on Corfu

Learn the Secrets of Corfu

delphi greece 1178713 1280 scale

Treasures of Mainland Greece

The Best of Mainland Greece

orlando brooke hmXtDtmM5r0 unsplash scale

Athens and the Cyclades

Athens - Mykonos - Naxos - Santorini - Crete

Best times to travel to Greece.

AthensMin (°F)454546546168737366595246
Max (°F)555761707988919184756457
CorfuMin (°F)414345485561646663555045
Max (°F)575761667582888882736659
CreteMin (°F)484850545966707266615752
Max (°F)616163687381848481757064
DelphiMin (°F)434346526170757568595245
Max (°F)555763707988939384756659
LefkadaMin (°F)434345505964707064575045
Max (°F)555961647381868881726359
MykonosMin (°F)464648545966707066615450
Max (°F)555759647279818177706459
NaxosMin (°F)504850546168727268635752
Max (°F)575961667279818177726661
OlympiaMin (°F)434345485561646663555045
Max (°F)575761667582868682736659
ParosMin (°F)484850545966727266615550
Max (°F)555759647279818177706459
RhodesMin (°F)484850556168727368635550
Max (°F)595963687582888882756863
SantoriniMin (°F)484850545966727266615552
Max (°F)575761667281828179726661
ThessalonikiMin (°F)363641465463666659524537
Max (°F)485057667584888681705750
ZakynthosMin (°F)464648525764687066615450
Max (°F)575761667382888882736661

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