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Sara Schiaretti

Travel Specialist

I was born and raised in Genova, known as La Superba, one of the greatest maritime republics. The city's rich history and diverse cultural influences sparked my desire to explore. My earliest travel memories involve camping in Corsica with family and friends, creating a sense of freedom and adventure. Passionate about Italy, I take pride in its traditions, especially in its varied cuisine and landscapes. Having lived in different Italian cities, each region's unique traditions have left a lasting impression. Florence, in particular, holds a special place in my heart. For nearly four years, I worked near the Duomo, and the city's enchanting atmosphere captivated me. Road trips are my preferred mode of travel; even my honeymoon was a road trip through southern Italy in an RV! The longest journey I've undertaken was from Florence to Eastern Romania, covering almost 7,000 miles. My sister's move to Paris prompted frequent visits, and she now resides in Bourgogne, where the wine and cuisine are simply exceptional. After spending time in Central America, I now call Florida home, and I'm already planning road trips across the United States. When not on the road, I indulge in reading to keep the spirit of travel alive at home, but my true source of rejuvenation lies in outdoor adventures.

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  • MOVIE RECOMMENDATION: Disney’s “Luca” – Enrico Casarosa

  • BOOK RECOMMENDATION: “My brilliant friend” – Elena Ferrante

  • TRAVELER TIP: Always leave some space in the suitcase for local shopping, and never bring clothes you’ve never used before, you’ll end up using your most trusted and comfortable outfits!

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