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Juniper Tours is thrilled to offer cruise options for our clients.

Benefits of Cruising:

  •  You only need to unpack once! Your cabin on the ship will be your room for the duration of your trip unless you add pre or post-nights.
  • Trip Flexibility.  It is possible to add additional nights at the beginning or the end of your cruise.  These are called “pre” or “post” nights.  Arrive in your cruises’ departure city early, or stay in the last city a little longer to soak in more of the destination.
  • Cost-effective. If your budget is limited, cruises can be more financially accessible.
  • A great option for multi-generational trips.  Your whole family can enjoy a cruise, without compromise!
  •  Most meals are included.  This creates a vacation that’s close to an all-inclusive experience.
Ocean Cruises
Ocean cruises are the most popular and widely known cruising options. These are typically on large ships with lots of amenities. Due to their size and passenger count, only larger cruise ports can accommodate them.
River Cruises
Every year, river cruises have become increasingly popular. The small ships glide along Europe's finest riverways to allow passengers access to charming towns and large cities. Few amenities are onboard, but watching the riverbanks pass by is entertainment enough!
Pre and Post Nights
An excellent way to dive even deeper into your destination of choice is to plan to arrive earlier than your sailing date, or stay in the last city after the cruise is over. We can arrange transfers, accommodations, and day tours to help you jump start the fun, linger a little longer before going home, or both!
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