Have you ever imagined what it would be like to live in a castle? There are numerous castles to explore in Scotland. Visit this amazing country to see some of the most magnificent castles in the world. There is an estimate that Scotland has been the home to almost 3,000 castles, many still there today. Let’s check out the top ten castles to visit when traveling to Scotland!

Castles to Explore in Scotland:

castles to explore in scotland

Edinburgh Castle

Edinburgh is the capital of Scotland and is home to Edinburgh Castle. This is known as Scotland’s most important castle. The castle sits atop an indigenous rock, known as castle rock.  The caste is home to the National War Memorial, the crown jewels, the Stone of Destiny, and Mons Meg. Book your tickets now and check out the capital’s castle!

Stirling Castle

One of the castles to explore in Scotland is the Stirling Castle which is located in Stirling is one of Scotland’s most famous and important castles because of the history and architecture. The Castle itself is atop Castle Hill, located between the meeting point of highlands and lowlands at river point. The castle is a historical location due to its importance in Scotland’s history when fighting for independence from England. Stirling Castle has changed hands 8 times and is now known as a symbol of Independence and national pride. 

Balmoral Castle

Balmoral castle is owned by Queen Elizabeth II and is the royal family’s Scottish summer home. When the family is not residing in the castle it is open for visitors from April to July. The castle has been a family favorite for centuries, it was known as Queen Victoria’s “ dear paradise in the Highlands.”

Dunnottar Castle 

A stunning cliff-top caste located on the North Sea, known for its location and romantic history. Dunnottar was home to Earls Marischal,  once one of the most powerful families in Scotland.  This is just another one of the famous castles to explore in Scotland.

Glamis Castle

Glamis Castle is located between the village of Glamis and Angus. It is home to the Earl of Strathmore and Kinghorne and one of the most amazing castles to explore in Scotland. The castle is open to the public for tours and dining. Glamis is the setting of the King’s death in Shakespeare’s Macbeth

Eilean Donan Castle

Eilean Donan Castle is located on a small island. The castle is very often pictured, and seen in many movies and television. The castle is in the village of Dornie and is on the tourist route to the Isle of Skye. This is one of the must visit castles to explore in Scotland.

Inverness Castle

Inverness Castle has been one of the well known castles to explore in Scotland, it has been standing since the 11th century but was rebuilt into an 18th-century citadel, but the castle is currently a 19th-century rebuild made up of two buildings. The first one dates back to the 1830s and was used as a courthouse and the second building dates back to the 1840s and was used as a prison. The castle is located on a cliff overlooking the River Ness in Inverness, Scotland.

Cawdor Castle

Cawdor Castle is located in Nairnshire, a small town in the Scottish Highlands. Cawdor has been home to the Campbells of Cawdor since the 16th century when it was passed down from the Calder family. The castle has seen many additions over the years, but it was originally built as a private fortress by the Thames of Cawdor. 

Falkland Palace & Gardens

Falkland Palace and Gardens are cared for by the National Trust for Scotland. The Falklands is known for its colorful grounds and 17th-century artifacts. It is also home to the world’s oldest surviving tennis court. King James commissioned the best craftsmen and architects to build a “ pleasure palace” and Falkland Palace was the creation, built-in 501-1541.

Tantallon Castle

Tantallon was the last truly great medieval castle built in Scotland. The fortress is located on the water which is another reason it is known to be so special. The fortress was built in the 1300s by William Douglas, a nobleman who was made into the Earl of Douglas in 1358.

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