The perfect place to travel for any occasion from a honeymoon to a family vacation, there is something for everyone. From breathtaking landscape views, vibrant nightlife, rich historical content, and amazing food and drink, Greece really has it all. There are over 6,000 islands within Greece and 227 are developed creating endless possibilities.

Want to visit a place that has everything you can imagine? Italy is the place for you then, it has a rich culture, exquisite cuisine, world-renowned wines, beautiful lakes and beach, and ancient architecture. You won’t want to miss visiting some amazing sights and quite charming towns.

Want to visit a place with breathtaking views everywhere you look? If so, then Ireland is the place for you! It is known as the Emerald Isle due to lush greenery and rolling hills. Ireland is home to the world’s longest coastal drive, amazing prehistory and early medieval sites and super friendly locals.


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World-renowned for many reasons including unparalleled cuisine, cutting edge fashion, fascinating history, exquisite architecture, it’s unsurprising that France draws more international visitors than any other country in the world. Experience the romance of france. See the Eiffel tower, Arc de Triomphe, Lourve, Gardens of Versailles, and many more.

Experience classical and medieval architecture of Spain, followed by tapas and a glass of cava. You will never be bored in this country, there is always something happening. There is so much offered from ample amounts of history to delicious dishes to entertaining festivals, you can’t go wrong with any choices.

Portugal is a breathtaking country with historic cities that include stunning architecture and amazing eateries with unbelievably fresh fish. The sunny weather makes the astonishing beaches a perfect place to relax. Learn about the seafaring traditions of Portugal and well as it’s charming villages. 

Nature lovers, rejoice! Iceland boasts some of the most dramatic, most varied, and, undeniably, most stunningly beautiful landscapes in the world. home to thunderous waterfalls, wild horses, the aurora borealis, blue-green glaciers, and soothing hot springs. Mountains, lava fields, and volcanoes… some of the landscape is even strange enough to make you think you’ve landed on a different planet!


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The beauty of Croatia is unparalleled: from the sparkling sea to it’s beautiful cities, to the natural wonders of its interior.