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Guided Tours

Juniper Tours is thrilled to offer guided vacations for our clients.  Each guided tour we offer is operated by carefully selected partners to ensure you have the best experience possible.

What is a “guided tour”?

A guided tour is a vacation package that includes accommodation, tours/activities, and transportation with a pre-arranged itinerary with a professional guide escorting you every step of the way.  Guided vacations have set departure dates.

Benefits of choosing a guided tour:

  • Good value for your money.  Some expenses in a guided tour are shared across all travelers, reducing the per-person cost.
  • Stress-free vacation experience.  Your guide will handle logistics and a driver will handle the, well, driving!
  • Simple vacation planning.  Guided tours are planned and are operated based on expert tour designers recommendations.  It’s a great way to see the highlights of your destination.
  • A great way to make new friends!  Each tour will have a mixed group of travelers from all over the world.  It’s an excellent way to meet like-minded people.
  • Small-group departure dates are available.  Traveling with smaller groups creates an intimate atmosphere, and smaller groups can easily visit attractions that wouldn’t be available for larger tour buses
Small Group Departures
Most guided tour companies offer special departure dates with a fraction of the group size. This allows for a more intimate travel experience!
Specialty Theming
If you're looking to do a deep dive into a favorite interest, guided group tours can help you do that! Food & wine in France? Literature in the United Kingdom? Ancient History in Italy? All of these, and more, are possible!
Stress-Free Vacation Planning
Selecting from available, previously arranged tour options make planning a breeze.
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