Travel to France in 2021

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The events of 2020 are almost behind us. It’s time to explore the world once again. Travel to FRANCE 2021 Read More Want to travel to France in 2021? Here we are. As more of us are getting vaccinated we are now seeing travel restrictions easing. This means we can start planning again. It will […]

Unique things to know when you travel to France

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  When you travel to France you will open a whole new world. One of customs and practices we are sure to envy when we return. Here are a few unique things to know when you travel to France.   Unique things to know when you travel to France. Beaujolais Nouveau France’s 5 Unique Traditions: […]

10 fun facts about France

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Not all France speaks French 10 fun facts about France: This may come as a surprise to some but French is only 88% of the population’s first language. The rest is a mix of other languages depending on the location. 12% of the population’s first language is Occitan. Although it may not be everyone’s first […]

7 Best Wine Regions To Visit In France!

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The Best Wine Regions To Visit In France! Wine Regions To Visit In France. France is known for its beautiful landscapes, historical landmarks, majestic architecture, and some of the world’s finest wines. There are seven main regions in France that produce a majority of the country’s wine. Each region is known for its unique region-specific […]

Top 7 villages in the south of France

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 Top 7  Villages in the South of France.   When thinking of visiting France, images of strolling through the romantic city of Paris and clinking champagne glasses atop the world-famous Eiffel Tower probably come to mind. Perhaps sitting at a French cafe and enjoying flaky, buttery pastry while sipping cafe au lait is also on […]

A Culinary Paradise: a Brief Intro to French Food

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  French Food Volumes could be (and have been) written discussing the sensation known as French food. Even “cuisine” is a French word! In the culinary world, traditional French food is regarded as the gold standard of any kitchen. Nowadays, it’s not only about traditional recipes. France has also established itself as a center for […]