What sounds better than celebrating St.Patrick’s day in Ireland? St. Patrick’s day is a national holiday in Ireland and Northern Ireland, let’s check out how they celebrate the holiday. 

Celebrating St Patrick’s Day in Ireland

The largest celebration of St Patrick’s Day in Ireland is in Dublin where hundreds of people gather to watch parades, drink beer, and express their national pride decked out in green. The party and celebration aspect is known to be larger in Ireland than northern Ireland and the younger crowd will typically be seen celebrating at the pubs all night long.  The large celebrations became popularized in the United States by Irish immigrants and only in the last 70 years celebrations have become larger in Ireland, but don’t worry there is a ton of national pride and celebrating to enjoy!

St. Patrick's Day in Ireland

Traditionally, St. Patrick’s day in Ireland is celebrated as a Christian holiday on March 17th, which falls during Holy Week. March 17th is a special day to the Christian religion because this the day St. Patrick passed away after his journey of finding God after being forced to work as a Shepard for 6 years. He then became a priest after returning home and dedicating himself to evangelizing. 

Celebrating St Patrick’s day in Ireland, specifically, Dublin should be on everyone’s bucket list, and if it is not you should add it now. All are welcome to join the celebrations, make your way to Ireland for a real Irish celebration!