When most people think of Spain, they think of rich culture, beautiful scenery, world-renowned festivals and events, and incredible culinary delights. But one aspect of Spain that repeatedly flies under the radar is the incredible wine its wine regions produce! Spain is the 3rd largest producer of wine in the world, with over 138 different wine regions. It is the perfect place for vintage lovers who enjoy sampling a refreshing white wine or extravagant red. Here are some of the best wine regions in this amazing country you cannot afford to miss!

Northwest Spain 

Regions: Ribeira Sacra, Bierzo, Rias Baixas

This part of Spain is referred to as “Green Spain” and for very good reason. It’s thick green valleys along beautiful ice-capped mountains travel to quaint yet breathtaking coastal cities that cook up some of the finest seafood dishes you will ever taste.

Those appetizing dishes will pair perfectly with the wine that comes from these areas. The main grapes grown here are Godello, Mencia, and Albariño grapes. The impressive white and red wine produced in this region will blow you away with their fine taste and aroma. 

Ebro River Valley

Regions: Toro, Rueda, Rioja, Ribera del Duero, Cariñena

The Ebro River Valley (as well as the Duero River Valley) produce the most exceptional Tempranillo wines in all of the country. The key grapes from these regions are Garnacha, Verdejo, Viura, Carignan, and of course, Tempranillo grapes. The Verdejo grape is exclusive to the Rueda region and is famous for the white wine that comes from it.

Thanks to the consistent climate, the Garnacha and Tempranillo grapes can produce fuller-bodied, fruitier wines. If you love snapping pictures of historic bodegas, make sure you visit the Rioja region, and while you’re there, sample a glass (or two) of their perfectly aged red wines. 

Northern Mediterranean Coast

Regions: Priorat, Montsant, Cava

These regions produce a wide variety of grapes due to the different changes in climate as you travel from the coastline to the hills. Cava grapes grow strong along the coastline and are what Spain uses to create their best bottles of sparkling wine. The region of Priorat produces the best red wine in this area that come from Garnacha and Carignan grapes. Other grapes that come from this region are Viura, Parellada, and Xarello.

Southern Mediterranean Coast 

Regions: Bullas, Jumilla, Utiel-Requena

Like its counterpart in the north, the southern regions also produce some of Spain’s most delectable wines. These regions are a Cabernet and fruity wine lovers paradise as they produce some of the fruitiest tasting wines in the world from Bobal, Monastrell, and Cabernet Sauvignon grapes. In Jumilla, the Cabernet is often blended with Monastrell and gets great reviews. 


Regions: Sierras de Málaga, Sherry, Montilla-Moriles

No trip to Spain is complete without visiting the Andalucia region. And now you have one more reason to go there because it produces some pretty amazing wines. The region of Sherry is famous for its production of, you guessed it, Sherry wine. Montilla-Moriles produces an ultra-sweet wine called “PX” made from the Pedro Ximenez grapes in the region. Sierras de Málaga dries things up with a selection of dry wines made from Muscat de Alexandria grapes.

Although these are our personal favorites, there are many more regions in Spain that help make this country the third-largest producer of wine in the world. If you love sipping on a classic red or zesty white, and indulging in a culture rich vacation, you will love visiting the amazing wine regions of Spain and soak in the beauty they exude. 

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