Iceland Highlands Expedition

Reykjavik – Landmannalaugar – Laugavegur – Vík – Gullfoss

Iceland Highlands Expedition

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Embark on an extraordinary adventure through Iceland’s breathtaking landscapes with our Icelandic Highlands Expedition. 

Above all, consult with your Travel Specialist. We will ensure that the highlights of your trip are booked in advance so you won’t miss out on the fun! Lots of time at leisure will be built in so you can explore on your own, and at your own pace. Let the journey guide you.

*Please keep in mind – This is a SAMPLE itinerary and is meant for inspiration only!

All of our tours are created on a custom basis to ensure the ideal trip that’s only for you. The itineraries on our website are intended solely as inspiration and are not available for purchase as a set package.

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Iceland Highlands Expedition Day-by-day Itinerary

Day 1: Arrival in Reykjavik

Arrive at Keflavik Airport, pick up your rental car, and set foot in the vibrant city of Reykjavik. Explore the towering elegance of Hallgrímskirkja, offering sweeping city views. Then, relish in Icelandic culinary delights, marking the commencement of your remarkable journey.

Overnight in Reykjavik

Day 2: Landmannalaugar & Þjórsárdalur

Embark on a scenic drive towards the captivating Landmannalaugar, renowned for its vividly colored rhyolite mountains. Take a refreshing dip in natural hot springs before continuing your adventure. Later, explore Þjórsárdalur, a valley steeped in both history and natural splendor.

Overnight near Þjórsárdalur

Day 3: Hiking in Þjórsárdalur

Delve deeper into the wonders of Þjórsárdalur, where cascading waterfalls and ancient ruins dot the landscape. Lace up your hiking boots and traverse this picturesque valley, discovering hidden gems along the way.

Overnight near Þjórsárdalur

Day 4: Háifoss Waterfall & Fjallabak Nature Reserve

Witness the awe-inspiring Háifoss Waterfall, plunging dramatically into a deep gorge. Continue your journey into the Fjallabak Nature Reserve, a wilderness of highlands, glaciers, and colorful mountains.

Overnight near Fjallabak Nature Reserve

Day 5: Ljótipollur & Rhyolite Mountains

Explore the stunning Ljótipollur crater lake, nestled in a volcanic crater with surreal red shores. Traverse the mesmerizing rhyolite mountains, where the earth’s vibrant hues paint a spectacular natural canvas.

Overnight near Fjallabak Nature Reserve

Day 6: Hike to Landmannalaugar

Embark on an invigorating hike to Landmannalaugar, a trekker’s paradise. Marvel at the surreal beauty of the landscapes and unwind in the soothing embrace of natural hot springs.

Overnight in Landmannalaugar

Day 7: Hike to Alftavatn

Continue your trek through the heart of the highlands, passing through breathtaking valleys and streams. Arrive at the tranquil Alftavatn Lake, nestled amid stunning surroundings.

Overnight in Alftavatn

Day 8: Emstrur & Botnar

Hike through Emstrur, a verdant oasis surrounded by rugged terrain. Arrive at Botnar, a scenic spot nestled beneath the mighty Mýrdalsjökull glacier.

Overnight in Botnar

Day 9: Þórsmörk & Fimmvörðuháls Pass

Embark on a challenging but rewarding hike through Þórsmörk, a lush valley surrounded by glaciers. Conquer the Fimmvörðuháls Pass, where you’ll be rewarded with panoramic views of the Thorsmork Valley and Eyjafjallajökull volcano.

Overnight in Thorsmork

Day 10: Depart for Home 

Bid farewell to the highlands as you return to Reykjavik. Spend your final day exploring any remaining city sights or indulging in some last-minute souvenir shopping.

Departure from Keflavik Airport

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