Vilages in Southern France

 Top 7  Villages in the South of France.


When thinking of visiting France, images of strolling through the romantic city of Paris and clinking champagne glasses atop the world-famous Eiffel Tower probably come to mind. Perhaps sitting at a French cafe and enjoying flaky, buttery pastry while sipping cafe au lait is also on your “to-do” list. 

While these popular activities are recommended for anyone planning a trip to France, there’s a whole different experience to be found in the southern part of the country.  Below you will find an intro to the Top 7 different villages just waiting for you to visit!

Narbonne, France

As with many towns and villages in the south of France, Narbonne is filled with Roman antiquity

and influence. This should come as no surprise, as Narbonne was established by the Romans in 118 B.C. Located right along the coast, this port town is rich with culture and offers a surprising balance of beachy atmosphere and dramatic ancient Roman architecture.

Narbonne is an excellent stop for history buffs who will want to check out the Palais des Archevêques.  Formerly an archbishops palace, it is now home to several archaeological museums. Keep Reading more about the The Top 7 Villages in the South of France

Top 7 Villages in the south of France 

Grasse, France

Top 7 Villages in the South of France: This is a town whose fragrance speaks for itself. That’s because apart from being breathtaking to behold, Grasse is known as the perfume capital of the world.  You may wish to join a guided tour of some of the world’s most famous perfumeries and stop into the International Perfume Museum! Great option for the top Villages in the South of France.

If you love festivals, be sure to plan a visit at the beginning of August because that is when Grasse celebrates a yearly festival known as Fête du Jasmin.  This unique vent celebrates the jasmine harvest season.  Each morning, pickers assemble in the early morning hours to pick these precious white flowers which fill the air with an intoxicating aroma.  You don’t need to join the pickers in the fields to celebrate.  Live music, dancing, and Grasse heritage activities are available for all!

Villages in the South of France 

Rocamadour, France

When connecting the dots between Lyon and Toulouse or the French Riviera, you will want to make a stop in Rocamadour.  This cliff-side village is a hidden gem nestled in the northern mountains of the Causses du Quercy Natural Regional Park.  You’ll think you stumbled upon a movie set as you wander through Rocamandour’s narrow streets and bask in the sun shining through the steeples and stone chapels beneath the towering 14th-century chateau.

You’re sure to take some amazing photos and create lasting memories in this special village.

Gordes, France

Just east of Avignon is the gorgeous little town of Gordes.  Stroll through the crooked streets, consider a visit to the lavender museum. Similar to Rocamadour, Gordes sits on a cliffside edge giving the impression of defying physics.  However, unlike Rocamadour, it’s a popular village with tons of tourists passing through when traveling between Avignon and Marseille.  This is especially true during the summer.  We recommend arriving early, or better yet, sticking around until the sun sets to enjoy the ancient buildings turning to liquid gold.

Bandol, France

About an hour east of Marseille is the waterfront village of Bandol.  Home to a beautiful beach with crystal clear waters, and local wineries, Bandol brings together two of the best features France could offer.  This town has a rich history that dates back over 500 years, giving it a feeling of antiquity without feeling rundown.  Take your time enjoying the waterfront shops, and the food markets.  A perfect way to enjoy the flavors of southern France!

Martigues, France

The Best villages in Southern France When the sun shines on Martigues, the town’s colors light up, leaving you to admire a truly charming place.  This colorful gem is located about 40 minutes west of Marseille and has the quaint charm you’d more likely expect on the Aegean or Ionian seas.  It’s off the beaten path and gives the impression of being Marseille in miniature.  The weather can be quite warm in the summer, but the breezes from the Mediterranean sea make it very comfortable.

Cerbère, France 

Situated on the border between France and Northern Spain is the lovely village of Cerbère.  As is expected along the coast of France, it has a combination of unique architecture and the beachside easiness.  Sitting so close to Spain, you will find an interesting food culture as the influence from the south blends with the classic southern French fare you’d find in places just north of here. Cerbère also has some beautiful sightseeing opportunities both above land and underwater, as it is very well known for its diving excursions


Top 7 Villages in the South of France.


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