Not all France speaks French

10 fun facts about France: This may come as a surprise to some but French is only 88% of the population’s first language. The rest is a mix of other languages depending on the location. 12% of the population’s first language is Occitan. Although it may not be everyone’s first language, many people speak it as their second.

France is the first country to make throwing out or burning food in supermarkets illegal

That’s right! In 2016 it became illegal for large grocery stores to throw out unsold food. Instead, food banks and charities can take the food to feed people in need. 

You can marry a dead person

Posthumous is a marriage that occurs when one of the individuals is already deceased. This was common during World War 1 when many females lost their loved ones to the front line.

France produced the most expensive bottle of wine in the world

The most expensive bottle of wine was a 73-year-old bottle of French Burgundy. It sold at an auction for $558,000. 

10 fun facts about France

Turning a baguette upside down in France is unlucky

It is believed that when someone was to be executed the executioner did not have time to stop at the bakery so the baker would keep one behind for him. To reserve the loaf the baker would turn it upside-down. This has not left the superstition that an upside-down loaf of bread signifies death.

The country with the most time zones

10 fun facts about France: France has 12 different time zones throughout the country resulting in the country with the most time zones. So, make sure to always check the local time when traveling!

Picture of cheese of France

The French love their cheese and snails

It is estimated that France produces about 1.8 million tons of cheese and the average French person eats about 57 pounds of cheese per year. They also love their snails, 16,000 tons are consumed by the French per year. 

The Louvre in france

The Louvre is the most visited museum in the world

France is known for its amazing museums and historical monuments. It is found that Louvre Museum is the most visited in the world. On average there are 15,000 people walking through this museum every day. In 2018 they hit a world record of 10.2 million visitors entering it for the year. 

France has the most Nobel prizes for literature

10 fun facts about France: France holds the record of 15 Nobel Prizes. The next leading country is a tie between the United States and Great Britain at 12 Nobel Prizes. 

The love for food and literature has the French publishing an average of two new cookbooks a day

As we know, the French love literature almost as much as they love their food. Cookbooks are so common in France, two new cookbooks come out every day.

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