Benefits of a Self Drive Tour of Ireland


Considering a trip to Ireland?

When you plan a trip to Ireland it quickly becomes obvious there are several travel styles available. It’s a challenge to decide which way is best for you.  No matter what your previous international travel experiences may be, we believe that the benefits of a self-drive tour of Ireland make it one of the best options for many reasons.  

Because of the level of freedom and flexibility, the experience is unmatched, and the value is compelling.  Below we elaborate on the reasons you should consider a self-drive tour of Ireland for your next Ireland vacation.


Unlike the scheduled, guided vacations that have every overnight and day tour pre-arranged, planning a self-drive tour allows you to visit the towns and villages that you would enjoy most.  It also allows you to decide how much time you’d like to spend sightseeing, and when you’d like to stop for a meal.  For instance, there is no need to keep a rigid group schedule you can come and go as you please. Experience each day of your trip based on your mood, energy level, and weather.  Sleep in a bit if you’d like, decide on your meals based on what sounds good and when you’re hungry. Use your unplanned time to explore on your own and see what you can discover. Usually, it’s the unstructured, open-ended time that makes travel magical.  By having a rental car available, you can have the flexibility to make this trip into a real adventure.  Take the road less traveled and see what treasures are hidden along the way and waiting for you to find them.


Every travel experience has one thing in common: they’re unique! And this is why at Juniper Tours, we believe each traveler’s individuality should reflect in every custom self-drive tour of Ireland we offer.  Whether you’re a history buff, an outdoor enthusiast, a scholar of the arts and literature, or a food and beverage connoisseur, (or a mix of them all!). Our goal is to ensure your trip to Ireland allows you to indulge in what you love.  

Moreover, if you are a fan of trendy, boutique accommodations then you might be compelled with the idea of a castle hotel. Or, if you are more of a B&B type of person, your accommodations are hand-selected based on your specifications and budget.

In short, when planning an independent trip we tailor your route, inclusions, and additional recommendations around your interests and preferences.


With fields like patchwork quilts, rolling hills, and dramatic cliffsides, Ireland’s sightseeing really packs a lot of punch.  When you and your friends and family are enjoying a self-drive tour of Ireland, zipping around the countryside, you can truly capture the spirit of adventure.  These are the kinds of getaways that you’ll remember forever, and it creates the ideal conditions for great storytelling later!  So, rather than being in a large motorcoach, lurching around and squeezing through the villages of Ireland, you’ll have access to easier and smoother sightseeing.


A self-drive tour of Ireland has wonderful value for the price.  Rental cars with automatic transmissions and the collision damage waiver included are plentiful and affordable.  This is especially true when the cost of the rental is shared amongst each passenger.  And so allow Juniper Tours to create a custom itinerary for you, with a rental car included. You’ll see how reasonable the cost of a self-drive package is.

Finally, if you’re interested in visiting Ireland and would like more information about a self-drive Ireland tour package for you and your travel party, please fill out our Request a Quote form.  Our Destination Specialists are standing by and would be thrilled to help you plan the perfect adventure to the Emerald Isle.

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