Greece is a beautiful place to travel. You may be asking yourself: “how can I travel Greece between the islands and what is the best way to do so?”

Let’s explore the tips and trick for the best Greece vacation together. This way you can hit as many islands as possible during your trip.

Travel Greece

Using Buses on the Mainland

If you are looking to stay on the mainland or plan to spend some time there the bus system is very good. The green line will be able to take you anywhere you would need to go. Make sure you study up on the bus system before your Greece vacation. If you think this will be your form of transportation it is part of the greater experience of your travels. The worst thing you can do while traveling is to get lost. You’ll just miss your next adventure to find a new one.

Ferries to the Closer Islands

If you’re planning to leave the mainland then you will most likely look into ferries. The ferry is really the best option if you are looking to stay on islands that are not too far from the mainland. Because it allows you some flexibility and the ferry services are efficient.We suggest  you purchase your ferry tickets ahead of time. This way they will be cheaper and tickets tend to sell out very fast. Best not get stuck on an island if you are supposed to be on another one.

Flying to Islands 

If you are looking to visit islands a little further off then flights may be needed.

Most islands have a small airport that is available for flights. It’s also suggested to purchase these tickets well ahead of time as the planes are smaller and fill up fairly quickly.

Car Rental

If you are staying in one place for a while there are a lot of options for rental cars. Most of the airports have an option for this. Athens is one of the most popular place to do this. If a car is too much when you travel Greece, you can consider renting a scooter for the day. Less of a time and price commitment and they are much easier to park!

The most important thing to remember is to book tickets ahead of time and plan out which islands you are going to! Do some research if you are looking to save money, this could mean taking the lower speed ferry or changing it up between trips flip-flopping between ferries and planes! Either way Greece islands are very accessible, but doing your research is definitely recommended and use some of these tips and tricks for the best Greece vacation.

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