The events of 2020 are almost behind us. It’s time to explore the world once again.

Travel to FRANCE 2021

Want to travel to France in 2021? Here we are. As more of us are getting vaccinated we are now seeing travel restrictions easing. This means we can start planning again. It will start as of June 9.

This is great news and we can’t wait to start planning your next vacation to France. However, there are still some key factors to consider.

Get ready to Travel to France in 2021:

  1. Being vaccinated

  2. Covid Testing

  3. Local restrictions

  4. Flights

  5. Activities and attractions

While it’s great news planning a trip will require some diligent planning. It may mean to keep you expectations realistic.

Being vaccinated

It goes without saying, traveling to another country will require you have proof of your vaccination. We recommend making sure you have your vaccination card with you. Also keep a copy of i securely somewhere safe. Scanning it to your email as well is a great travel tip.

Covid Testing

Despite the vaccinations, countries like France will still require testing. This is to ensure no travelers bring the virus into the country. 

Local Restrictions

Some smaller towns with larger flare ups have maintained a tighter grip on local movements. This may mean some curfews and other restrictions. These could impede your plans as well. You also do not want to get caught in a restricted zone where you can’t get out.

You can keep track of restrictions here.


Many airlines still have their aircraft in storage due to the lower frequency of flights. Before all the airlines are back online it may mean less flights and unfavorable schedules. With a lower number of seats available it will also mean demand for them will be higher and push fares higher until the seat inventory increases.

Activities and Attractions

Local restrictions might also have an impact on some activities and attractions. Plus with the extended covid outbreak some places may not have had a chance to fully staff. 

There are still many elements to keep in mind before you travel to France in 2021. Keep track of any changes via the France website.  However, this means you can consider starting your plans for the late summer and into the fall and winter season.

You can also monitor the covid-19 situation here.

Get in touch with us and we can chat a little more about planning your next memorable trip to France.

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