France's 5 Unique Traditions: Wine holiday


When you travel to France you will open a whole new world. One of customs and practices we are sure to envy when we return.

Here are a few unique things to know when you travel to France.


Unique things to know when you travel to France.

Beaujolais Nouveau

France’s 5 Unique Traditions: Of course, there has to be a French holiday that is about wine and this is it! It takes place on the third Thursday in November when the production has finished. The holiday includes fireworks, music, and festivals. It celebrates a late harvest of a ‘new’ wine. It is fermented for a short period of time and it is a frisky wine sought out by many.

Two cheeked kiss

As americans we commonly do the single cheek kiss. However, “toutefois”, “La Bise” is the saying for the French’s way of greeting one another. It is an exchange of kisses on the cheek. If you do the american way you will leave your counterpart “hanging” for the other kiss.  Depending on where you are visiting is the side you will start with. If in Paris, kiss the right cheek first, then left. 

Always say Hello and Goodbye

Respect and courtesy are a big thing in France. When entering or leaving a place it is expected you will say hello or goodbye to everyone. There is even one place that upcharges your drink if you do not greet them! It is imperAtive to make sure you say “Bon matin!” or “Bonjour!’ when you come upon someone. This simple courtoisie is expected. As well as “bonsoir” or “au revoir” upon going you own ways.

French Bread

French Bread; “La Baguette”

Bread is a huge part of French culture. In the morning you will typically find a baguette on the table but also for every meal as well. Bread is never wasted. And this is why the cafe au lait typically ordered at starbuck’s would be served in a bowl in France. (bol de cafe au lait). This is to allow you to dip the day old bread into the hot coffee to soften it up. It has become the symbol of  the bread of equality. “Richness and poverty must both disappear from the government of equality. It will no longer make a bread of wheat for the rich and a bread of bran for the poor. All bakers will be held, under the penalty of imprisonment, to make only one type of bread: The Bread of Equality.”!


These little details are big in french daily life. Make sure to enjoy these unique things to know when you travel to France.

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