Honeymoon & Romantic Travel

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Honeymoon & Romantic Travel

What better way to celebrate a honeymoon or the joy of traveling with that special someone than visiting Europe?

There are lots of ways to elevate a European trip and turn it into something truly special.  

Below are a few suggestions to bring your honeymoon or romantic getaway to the next level.  And just as every couple is different, all of our offerings can be tailored to your tastes and preferences.

Upscale Accommodations
For honeymoons and romantic travel, we highly recommend opting for 5-Star accommodations. These tend to have high scale restaurants, spa services, and lush grounds or city-center locations. When available, staying at unique luxury properties such as castles and boutique hotels provide an intimate atmosphere.
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Choosing the best transportation options is key for a curated tour. Between some places, first-class tickets on a high speed train can be efficient and reminiscent of old-world travel. Otherwise, we recommend private driver-guides to ensure a bespoke and intimate travel experience.
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Private Sightseeing Options
As with any Juniper traveler, we recommend choosing private experiences whenever possible. If you are honeymooning or traveling with a romantic partner, all the more reason! Whether you're visiting the Louvre, the Palace of Knossos, or Alhambra, having a guide dedicated to you makes every experience more special.
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Romance & Honeymoons in Greece

Greece has been a popular destination for honeymooners and romantic travel for decades, and with good reason! With spectacular sunsets over the Aegean, crystalline water, amazing food including national and local specialties, combined with warm temperatures and agreeable locals: it has everything for the romantic trip of a lifetime.

Athens and the Cyclades

Athens - Mykonos - Naxos - Santorini - Crete

red pillars left of a palace remain of concrete and cement ruins

One Week on Crete

Learn the Secrets of Crete

corfu greece

One Week on Corfu

Learn the Secrets of Corfu

Romance & Honeymoons in France

Paris is known both as the City of Lights and the City of Love. The romance doesn’t end at the capital! With sleepy villages, stunning chateaux, pristine lavender fields, and inviting seashores… what more could a couple in love ask for?
Best Of France

Best of France

Sample the best sites in France with a completed well planned itinerary

coast of Antibes, France

A Week in Southern France

Spend a full week in scenic and sunny southern france

Wine Tour of Central France

Sample the best sites in France with a completed well planned itinerary

Romance & Honeymoons in Croatia

In recent years, Croatia has been “discovered” by travelers looking for authentic travel experiences. Thankfully, it has maintained it’s off-the-beaten-path feeling despite the increase in popularity. Visiting Croatia is like stepping into a real-life fairy tale: medieval cities, pristine natural wonders, and unforgettable island hopping options. Croatia raises the bar on romantic travel.
Palm trees line the concrete walkway lining the coast of the water

Island Hopping Along the Dalmatian Coast

Observe the serene beauty of the many island of Croatia.

Old coastal town with large white boats with orange flags dock in the water in front

Complete Croatia

See everything major site in Croatia on this complete itinerary

aerial view of terra cotta roofed houses in Split Croatia

Highlights of Croatia: Mainland to Coast

See the best of Mainland and coastal Croatia has to offer.

Romance & Honeymoons in Spain

Spain boats amazing diversity that allows for incredible variety packed into one trip. Stunning mountains and countryside, cosmopolitan cities, and picture-perfect beaches… all with varying cuisines across the nation. Spain intoxicates visitors and will call you back again and again.
Old Placa Esapana, Seville

A Week in Andalucia

Find the beauty of Spain

Castles & Wineries of Central Spain

Enjoy Spanish Castles and Amazing Wine

Romance & Honeymoons in Portugal

This little country might be unassuming, but don’t underestimate Portugal! From the sunny Algarve in the south to the hilly Douro Valley in the north, Portugal packs a lot of punch. You and your significant other could tour the castles and wineries, visit the Azores Islands (Europe’s “answer for Hawaii”) or veg out on the beaches while enjoying the company of friendly locals and amazing cuisine.
Alfama, Lisbon

A Week in Portugal

Spend a week with our curated sites

Nazaré Portugal view at sunset

Historic Coastal Portugal

Explore the Portugal Coast

Waterfall oasis in Azores Portugal

Island Hopping the Azores

Admire the beauty of the Azores

Romance & Honeymoons in Multiple Destinations

Why choose just one country? When traveling in Europe it is sometimes possible to visit a couple of destinations in one trip. You may wish to explore the South of France and hop over to Barcelona to view Gaudi’s architectural treasures. Or, you can experience the energy of Seville and broader Andalucía Spain, then head to Portugal’s Algarve for some time on the beach. Speak to our Destination Specialists to see if visiting more than one country makes the most sense for your special getaway!

the Eiffel Tower on a sunny almost clear day

Highlights of Spain & France

Enjoy the best of two beautiful countries

seville spain Plaza Espana

Highlights of Spain & Portugal

Enjoy the best of two beautiful countries



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