Italy is amazing and one of the top visited countries in Europe, let alone the world! Although it is such a highly visited location there are still a few things you need to remember before making your way over. Knowing these things will make your trip much more enjoyable. 

Helpful Tips of Traveling Italy

Helpful Tips of Traveling Italy: Explore

Don’t be afraid to get lost, but be safe about it. It may seem fun to “get lost” and explore a city you don’t know, but make sure you don’t actually get lost. Remember you may not have cellular service while traveling so downloading maps of the places you are visiting is going to make exploring much more enjoyable. This is especially true if you are renting a car, being lost while driving can be overwhelming, so try to avoid that.

The water is drinkable! One of the helpful tips of traveling Italy includes: Don’t waste your money on buying bottled water, bring a reusable one and fill it up. Spend the money you saved on gelato and espresso, that will be more memorable. 

Invest in an international credit card with no international fees! Another helpful tips of traveling Italy is to always have a few coins on you for smaller purchases and for emergencies, but major credit cards are accepted in most places.

Hop on a train and visit the entire country! Italy has a fantastic rail system and it makes traveling between cities super easy and fun! Don’t forget to stamp your ticket when getting on so you don’t get caught up with a guard who is checking tickets, this goes for buses as well!

You are going to eat and drink very well when visiting Italy, but as the helpful tips of traveling Italy list continues, don’t waste your money on expensive bottles. You will get quality wine for 3 euros and it will be the best thing you’ll experience. 

You may be saving money on other parts of your trip, but you may be charged for items that you wouldn’t expect. Dinner rolls, bread, etc are free in most restaurants in America, but you will be charged in Italy. A small fee, but double-check before indulging if you don’t want to buy it. 

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