Oldest Pub in Ireland

Oldest Pub in Ireland

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Oldest Pub in Ireland – Irish pubs have a long and storied history that dates back to the Middle Ages. The first recorded mention of an Irish pub is from the 16th century, when a man named Arthur Guinness opened a small brewery in Dublin. The brewery quickly gained popularity, and pubs became a staple of Irish culture.

In the 19th and early 20th centuries, many Irish people emigrated to other countries, and they often brought their love of pubs with them. This is why you can find Irish pubs all over the world today. Many Irish pubs are known for their warm and friendly atmosphere, as well as their authentic Irish decor and traditional Irish music.

The Irish pub has become an iconic symbol of Irish culture and is an important part of the country’s history and heritage. It is a place where people come together to socialize, relax, and enjoy a pint of Guinness or other traditional Irish beers.

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Oldest Pub in Ireland

Located in Athlone, Co. Westmeath, Seans Bar holds the Guinness Official World Record for being Ireland’s oldest pub. The famed Dublin venue is said to have been founded as early as the year 900, making it Ireland’s oldest pub according to Guinness. 

This pub is located right on the Liffey Quay in Dublin, just beyond the walls of the city, near Dublins original bridge. Inside Brazen Head, there is a lot of memorabilia on the walls, as well as the classic Irish pub decor. Despite its Stags Head dimensions, whiskey barrels along the walls and Renaissance-style wooden ceilings add to the bars intimate atmosphere. 

Rivaling the incredibly old Brazen Head, as the only other eighteenth-century bar on our list, is our next bar. Proudly proclaiming in a painted scroll on the very old whitewashed walls of Brazen Head that dates from 1198, the Brazen Head is king of the oldest pubs in Dublin, as well as being one of the most popular in Dublin. There is also a Brazen Head in Dublin, also claiming to be Irelands oldest pub, according to the companys website, The Brazen Head in Dublin dates from 1198.

The Old Tavern in Waterford is a bustling city centre destination today, complete with 100-seater restaurant, but Belfasts oldest building dates to more than 300 years. If you decide to visit the Johnnie Foxs pub, you will be transported to days gone by, sitting at the MacHughs bar, just like Robert Emmet, an Irishman who used the bar as a place to plot the Irish Rebellion of 1798. When you visit Johnnie Foxs Pub, you will be treated to the decor and old-timey feel, with friendly staff, and excellent drinks. 

Located about half way between Dublin and Galway, Seans Bar is known for being the oldest pub in all of Ireland. Although technically not in Dublin, Johnnie Foxs Pub — located 20 kilometres (12 mi) south, in the Dublin Mountains — is a traditional bar claiming the title as the highest pub in Ireland, having been established in 1798. Seans Pub, located on the banks of the River Shannon at Athlone, Ireland, has been serving drinks almost as long as people have been gathering together to enjoy them.  

Seans Bar is hotly competing with The Brazen Head, a quintessential Irish pub located in Dublin, which claims to be Dublins oldest. It is in Seans Bar where you will be able to grab an authentic Irish whiskey, a limited-edition pour almost as old as the bar itself. While the coins and walls are now in the National Museum of Ireland, you can still view one part of it in Seans Bar, in Athlone.

Seans Guinness World record

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