Top 10 Famous Golf Courses in Scotland

Top 10 Famous Golf Courses in Scotland

Scotland, the birthplace of golf, is a golfer’s paradise that beckons enthusiasts from across the globe. With its rugged landscapes, historical charm, and a rich tapestry of golfing heritage, Scotland boasts an unrivaled collection of courses that are steeped in tradition and challenge. Join us on a journey through the top 10 famous golf courses in Scotland, where fairways are woven into the very fabric of the land.

  1. St. Andrews Links – The Old Course: Our odyssey begins at the revered St. Andrews Links, home to the iconic Old Course. With its distinctive double greens, deep bunkers, and the famous Swilcan Bridge, this hallowed ground is not only a golf course but a pilgrimage site for golfers worldwide.

  2. Royal Dornoch Golf Club: Nestled on the breathtaking Dornoch Firth, the Royal Dornoch Golf Club offers a mesmerizing links experience. The undulating fairways, natural dunes, and stunning vistas create a harmonious fusion of challenge and beauty.

  3. Muirfield: Known for its stern test of shot-making, Muirfield is a classic championship venue. The course’s strategic design and impeccable conditioning have earned it a reputation as one of the finest links courses in the world.

  4. Turnberry – Ailsa Course: Perched atop rugged cliffs overlooking the Ayrshire coast, the Ailsa Course at Turnberry is a masterpiece that combines breathtaking scenery with golfing excellence. The famous lighthouse at the 9th hole adds to the enchantment.

  5. Carnoustie Golf Links: Brace yourself for a true test of skill at Carnoustie Golf Links, where the Championship Course is famous for its fearsome challenges, including the notorious “Hogan’s Alley” and the demanding closing holes that have decided many a championship.

  6. Royal Troon Golf Club: With its challenging back-nine and the iconic “Postage Stamp” par-3 8th hole, Royal Troon is a celebrated venue that has hosted numerous Open Championships. The course’s layout along the coastline ensures a memorable round.

  7. Gleneagles – PGA Centenary Course: As the host of the 2014 Ryder Cup, the PGA Centenary Course at Gleneagles has proven itself on the global stage. Set against the stunning backdrop of the Ochil Hills, this course offers a modern challenge with a touch of Scottish splendor.

  8. Kingsbarns Golf Links: A relative newcomer, Kingsbarns Golf Links has quickly earned its place among Scotland’s finest. The course’s sweeping views of the North Sea, immaculate fairways, and artistic bunkering create an unforgettable experience.

  9. Prestwick Golf Club: Step back in time at Prestwick Golf Club, the site of the first Open Championship in 1860. The quirky layout, blind shots, and traditional hickory-shafted clubs on display provide a nostalgic trip into golf’s history.

  10. Castle Stuart Golf Links: Our journey concludes at Castle Stuart Golf Links, a modern gem overlooking the Moray Firth. The course’s strategic design, generous fairways, and stunning panorama of the Scottish Highlands offer a fitting finale to our Scottish golf adventure.


Scotland’s top 10 famous golf courses are more than mere venues – they are living testaments to the enduring spirit of the game. As you traverse the legendary fairways and navigate the storied links, you’ll find yourself immersed in the very essence of golf’s origins. So, pack your clubs, don your plaid, and embark on a golfing pilgrimage to the land where the sport was born. A Scottish golfing adventure awaits, promising not only challenging rounds but also a profound connection to the sport’s rich heritage. Slàinte mhath!

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