Unique things to know when you travel to France

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  When you travel to France you will open a whole new world. One of customs and practices we are sure to envy when we return. Here are a few unique things to know when you travel to France.   Unique things to know when you travel to France. Beaujolais Nouveau France’s 5 Unique Traditions: […]

How to have an amazing trip to Madrid for the first time

Once you’ve picked a location for your next vacation the next thing you need to determine is when you are planning to travel. A trip to Madrid may just be perfect! Madrid is beautiful all year round, there is never a time that you would not be able to enjoy yourself, but there are times […]

How to visit Greece on a Budget


If you’re looking to travel, budgeting is a very important aspect. Especially because if you spend less on one trip that means you have more money to put into the next adventure! When to visit? Visit Greece on a Budget: Greece is a huge summer destination because of the water and multitude of islands, but […]

10 fun facts about France

10 fun facts about France

Not all France speaks French 10 fun facts about France: This may come as a surprise to some but French is only 88% of the population’s first language. The rest is a mix of other languages depending on the location. 12% of the population’s first language is Occitan. Although it may not be everyone’s first […]

Portugal: 7 Stunning Must-See Beaches

7 Stunning Beaches in Portugal:

7 Stunning Beaches in Portugal: With almost 2000km (over 1,200 miles) of coastline, Portugal is home to many of Europe’s most diverse and spectacular beaches. If you’re anxious to experience the unbelievable array of Portuguese coastline, but don’t know where to start, don’t worry, we’ve listed our top 7 beaches for you to get an […]

Portugal’s 6 Incredible Festivals

Portugal’s 6 Incredible Festivals: If you’re traveling to Portugal, you’re in for a treat. It is known as one of the most beautiful countries in Europe with beautiful sights, historic buildings, and dishes that will peak your senses. Portugal has many festivals throughout the year that you may want to enjoy during your travels! Check […]

Greece: 7 Incredible Travel Worthy Festivals

Travel Worthy Festivals in Greece; Each year, thousands of travelers make their way to the beautiful country of Greece to take part in some of their amazing festivals that take place all over this culture-rich land. These festivals can be a mix of fun, historic, religious, musical, and of course, food-based. There are so many […]

7 Amazing Croatian Celebrations

Croatian Celebrations: The coastal country of Croatia is well known across Europe for its stunning beaches, friendly locals, and best of all, year-round festivals and holidays! If you’re planning a trip to Europe and have Croatia on your itinerary, make sure you work one of these awesome festivals into your trip.  Croatian Celebrations Rijeka Carnival  […]

Guide to the 6 Gorgeous Ionian Islands

The six main Ionian islands of Greece are as picturesque as one can imagine. Soothing turquoise waters meet white sandy beaches, surrounded by rocky cliffs and lush green mountains. The charming, colorful buildings and homes inland are unspoiled from time. Ionian islands Keep reading to learn more about this magical archipelago.   Corfu Corfu is […]

9 Breathtaking Azores Islands to Explore

9 Breathtaking Azores Islands to Explore:

9 Breathtaking Azores Islands to Explore: When Mother Nature carved out the volcanic enclave that makes up 9 Azores islands, she took special care in creating a piece of paradise so magnificent, it has to be seen to be believed. The Azores lie just off the Atlantic coast of Portugal, and while they are a […]